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Should I Purchase Prescription Eyeglasses Online?


Nowadays, most of the people have experience of buying products online, and it's for sure Internet beats a regular store hands-down for convenience. You don't need to leave your house. And, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can compare shop for a great price.

But when we talk about buying prescription eyeglasses online, you should have some concerns, because each eyeglasses are custom-made, the glasses frame was chosen by you, the lens was made based on your own prescription, and the lens should be installed with your PD, those steps will make sure the glasses fit you most, and also if you can't handle them well, you may be not appropriate to buy eyeglasses online.

An advantage of going to a traditional optical store is that an optician can help you face to face. But when you order online, you must make each decision on your own, and it can seem overwhelming. So, please read below points to see if you are prepared to buy your prescription eyeglasses online. And I'm sure you will be happy to find how easy it is.

Know the frame

Most online eyeglasses store provide a catalog that shows the frames they offer in detail. You can view each available color and read a description of the features, such as what frame material they're made of (plastic, metal or some other materials, for example), and whether they have spring hinges, whether the glasses frame is flexible, so it will fit your face even no spring hinge. So provides high-resolution real pic of the eyeglasses, you can see the frames in more details.

Know the lens and coatings

You also need to decide what lens material and which lens coatings, if any, you want. Are polycarbonate, high-index or regular plastic lenses best for you? Do you need ultraviolet(UV) coating? What about an anti-reflective coating? Is a tint a good idea? Here is an instruction about the lens and coatings provides, and you can choose the lens and/or coatings you need.

Understand your prescription and PD especially

We have prepared an article about how to read the eyeglass prescription, you may need a reading.
And here is another important question of buying eyeglasses online, PD (pupillary distance) measurement.

PD is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil. Prescription glasses are made so that the distance between the optical centers of the glasses' lenses, is the same as your PD.

For your convenience, prepared an instruction about how to measure your pd by yourself or by your friend.
And please also keep in mind, PD is a part of your eyeglasses prescription, the optician have the obligation to provide the PD together with other parts of your prescription.

Get the eyeglasses fit for you


The way that eyeglasses fit your face and head is another important issue. Frames that are too large or too small not only is uncomfortable, but you also can get a headache if you're not looking through the optical centers of the lenses.
You should know there are numbers on each eyeglass frame to indicate the size, in 52-18-135 format, the first number 52 means the lend width is 52mm, is the widest length of the place for the lens, and 18mm is the bridge length, it's the part just above your nose, and 135mm is the temple length, or somewhere else calls it arm or leg. So, you must have a pair of eyeglasses which you feel the best fit, remember the numbers on the temple, and when you place order online, you can search for the exact or similar size, to ensure the fit of the glasses frame.
And, another method is to choose the bendable frame, or those frames with spring hinge. Now in the market, there are various kinds of bendable frames, their changing range is much larger than the original plastic or stainless steel frames, such as memory titanium frames, TR90 frames, and jelly frames. You can also choose the glasses frame with spring hinges, spring hinge is a spare part ensuring the frame temple can be fold both inside and outside, and when the face width is larger than the total width of the glasses frame, the spring inside can help face to bear some pressure.

So, above are the concerns of purchasing eyeglasses online, and the solution we recommended. Considering purchasing eyeglasses online often is less expensive and may be more convenient, if you already know which frames you want to purchase and have measurements taken by an optical professional, it can be a delight to sit down at the keyboard to order your new eyeglasses and wait for them to knock the door.