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How to understand your prescription and enter your prescription on our webpage?

An eyeglass prescription is a written order by an optometrist, ophthalmologist, orthoptist for eyeglasses. It specifies the refractive power to which the eyeglasses are to be made in order correct blurred vision due to refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Eyeglass prescription issued by different doctors may differ in format, but they somewhat look like the following sample.

eyeglasses prescription



  • Rx= Prescription, the prescription for your eyeglasses;
  • SPH= Sphere=Spherical, is the strength of your prescription, bears sign “+” or “-”, “+”refers to farsightedness and presbyopia, “-”refers to nearsightedness. If "PL" or "Plano" is stated at the place of SPH on your prescription, please enter0.00 for this option.
  • CYL= Cylinder= Cylindrical, i is the diopters degree of the astigmatism. This number also has “+” or “-” signs. If "DS" or"SPH" or "spherical" or “PL” is stated at the place of CYL, it means you have no astigmatism and 0.00 is the option required to choose.
  • AXIS, is a number between 0 and 180 degrees, and means the orientation of your astigmatism. There is no sign before this number.
  • ADD= Near Addition, means the power strength to be added to the “Spherical” number for making single vision reading glasses or bifocal and progressive eyeglasses. In this prescription, the “ADD” numbers are put under the “N.V.”(Near Vision). Some of the doctors may write one number with sign such as “+2.00” in the middle of the space under “N.V.”, which means your both eyes have the same ADD numbers.
  • O.D. = Right Eye O.S. = Left Eye D.V.= Distance Vision N.V.= Near Vision
  •  P.D. distance = Pupillary Distance, in this sample, the PD is written as “62/59”, which means “62” is the “ Far PD”, and “59” is the “Near PD”
  • The numbers in this prescription are with decimal points, so just enter numbers with decimal and with correct signs +/-.
Nox Glass Eyewear has prepared an user-friendly prescription input form, and if you have any question about your prescription, you can still contact us with your prescription attached, we will be glad to answer your questions.