How to protect your eyeglasses from breaking

You may have the experience to break your only eyeglasses, and wonder how to live in the coming days while waiting for the new eyeglasse to arrive. But getting new eyeglasses takes time, and no matter if you order eyeglases online or just get your lens replaced, the process takes time. So, let’s sort some experience to protect your current eyeglasses as good as possible.


The most import point is you should have a pair of backup eyeglasses in place, or even more than one pair. This will avoid your hassel while waiting for the new eyeglasses.
And I recommend that you buy multi-pair when you make your purchase of the eyeglasses, these eyeglasses can be backup for each other, and by this method, you will avoid the nausea as much as possible when you switch between the daily-wearing eyeglasses and the backup one, because they are of the same prescription, and the lens was cut and installed by the same person at the same time period, this will ensure the coherence of the eyeglasses. And nowdays, the price of prescription eyeglasses online is very low, and makes the multi-pair purchase possible.


There are many kinds of frame materials: plastic, TR90, stainless steel and memory titanium, and there are also kinds of lens materials: glasses, plastic, polycarbonate and trivex.
You can avoid the breaking by choosing the right materials, and they will largly avoid the injury cause by the eyeglasses breaking.
I strongly recommend our rimless hingeless eyeglasses frames, they are made of memory titanium, there is not a screw in the eyeglasses, and the frame can be fully bended, even it’s bent for 360 degree, it will come back to it’s original shape. So, consider if there is a hit or step on the eyeglasses, the glasses frame will not break, and will not hurt your eyes or face. And if installed polycarbonate lens or trivex lens, the protection will be more adequate, because the lens is also unbreakable. We have sold large quantity of rimless higeless memory titanium frame with polycarbonate/trivex lens, all the products were proved to provide protection to our customers.


If a pair of eyeglasses were stored and used in good maner, its life will surely be longer, and you will save your expense in this area, below 3 points are most important:
Wear and take off the eyeglasses with two hands at same time
Wash your eyeglasses, and dry the lens with fiber cleaning cloth
Prepare a handy hard case, and store eyeglasses in when you don’t wear them
Usually a person should recheck eyesight and update prescription eyeglases every two years, if you have taken the advice above, two years are absolutely no problem. Nox Glass provides prescription eyeglasses of various materials and styles, and we provide discount for new customers and coming back customers.