4 Tips of Buying Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Ever since 2010, buying prescription eyeglasses online has become more and more a trend, so we see many glasses stores go online, including the traditional solid stores, and those eyeglass stores they only sell online. But how to make the purchase without regret? Here are the tips of buying eyeglasses online.

1. Read the refund and return policy

The major difference between a net shop and solid shop is buyers and sellers don’t meet face to face, and you may worry about the prescription of the lens and fitness before the purchase, and the service after. So, a promising and comfortable return and refund policy must be ready and recognized. You can read the policies before the purcahse, and read the reviews to see if customers have complaint. Furthermore, print or screenshoot the terms in case there is any dispute happens. And this is also why leaving a review/testimonials is very important for other customers’ reference.
Nox Glass’ refund and return policy is:
Within 7 days after your receipt of your glasses, you may return your glasses to us for a refund or exchange for a new pair. After 7 days limit, you may still return the glasses to us within 30 days for a refund, but the refundable price is 50% at most of the invoice amount minus shipping cost.

2. Be aware of the total cost

The eyeglasses in net store is surely cheap than the solid stores. And some net stores claim very low price in the promotions, the price is too low to trust. This is sometimes a promotional skill, the frame price and the basic lens is free, but the necessary coatings are expensive, or the lens is the worst plastic pieces. From my point of view, if a pair single vision eyeglasses is less than $50, there must be problem hiding.
Nox Glass is serious with the quality and doing best to control cost, then deliver savings to our customers. All the frames, lenses and coatings manufacturers are carefully selected, and the cutting and installation jobs are handled by qualified and experienced workers.

3. Sales is the starting of the service, after-sales service is important

As an every-day-using tool, eyeglasses are very important, at the same time, they are very fragile, so the after-sales service is very important. Receiving payment and shipping the glasses is the start of our service to customers, in the 2 years upcoming, we are still responsible for the quality and using experience of the eyeglasses we sold.
Nox Glass promises the free provision (shipping cost to be charged) of the spare parts replacement, such as nosepad and screws. And we also accept returned eyeglassese to replace lens or same style frame, and the free repair and adjustment is also available.

4. Sign in the newsletter, subscribe the RSS, bookmark the promotions page, do whatever to get the most updated promotinal informations of the online stores.

Products in net stores refresh very quick, and there are more opportunities to get a good purchase from net store. Compared with a drive to downtown, clicking mouth to sign in newsletter is more convenient. So, you can bookmark some online stores, and only buy when they offer the discount that intrests you.
This page is our promotions announcement page, you can bookmark the page, and also you may sign the newletter, and become a member of, so you will get the most up-to-date promotion programs.
Above are the tips of buying prescription eyeglasses from online store, this will surely help you for your purchase of eyeglasses, start today, never be overchaged again.