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Based in Hong Kong, Nox Glass is an online eyeglasses store famous for its UltraFit Glasses. Before our online store, we have been in the optical store industry for more than 10 years. The experience enabled Nox Glass to provide the most competitive price, but high quality prescription eyeglasses to the world.

We are confident with the quality of our frames, lenses and coatings. All of these parts are provided by the manufacturers we chose strictly, some of these manufacturers are OEM tollers of many famous brand designer glasses frames and lenses. The lenses are installed to the glasses frame by qualified optical dispensers, each eyewear was strictly checked and tested before shipped, to ensure the instant comfortabiIity to our customers.

Why the eyeglasses are so cheap, and how you ensure the quality?

If we have to list the most inefficient markets, it's for sure the optical store must be on top of the list. A frame that costs less than $25 to make in Italy can retail for at least $150 at an optical shop in the United States. And it is not hard to find frames, especially the limited editions bearing tiny designer logos, with price tags of $350. But the high price doesn't bring extra performance to you, and you should replace your eyeglasses every two years. The titanium frames, retro frames, rimless frames, hingeless frames in our online store are all purchased directly from manufacturers. The progressive lens, transition lens, and PC lens are also directly purchased from manufacturers.

Nox Glass Eyewear launched the new series UltraFit rimless glasses in 2015, we have selected carefully the glasses frames for our customers, materials from memory titanium to rubber, lens shape from round to rectangle, so customers can configure a pair glasses just for themselves. The frame price starts from $19, including worldwide free shipping.

We don't need a store with luxury decoration in the downtown, but we provide worldwide free shipping service. All these we are doing is to provide the most cost-effective eyeglasses to you. Do the right decision today, Never get over charged again!

Nox Glass Eyewear